Love, Odette

Measurements Guide


We want you to find your perfect size on the first try, so each garment is measured by hand for the most accurate sizing. Here is our recommended measuring technique.

Pull a similar garment from your closet that fits you well. Lay it flat on a flat surface and measure as shown in the photo. Pick a size that best matches these measurements!

Chest: Straight across from underarm to underarm. Use side seams as start and end points.

Waist: Straight across the natural waistline. Keep in mind, an elastic or loose waist will have a lot of foregiveness.

Hips: Straight across where your widest hip circumference would be. For a flowy or fit-n-flare style dress, the hip measurement is often not necessary.

If you're a visual learner, click here to watch a video!

- - - -

If you prefer to think of sizing in terms of your body measurements, simply double the lay flat measurements. For example, if you have a 38" chest (across the widest circumference) then you would want to look for a lay flat measurement of about 18-20" depending on if the fabric has stretch and how loose/tight you prefer your clothes.